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Accurate, Fast PCB Quotes. is the easiest Printed Circuit Board PCB quote site on the internet. We strive to make your purchasing process simple.From quick-turn hightech prototype boards to full-scale production printed circuit boards, every phasefrom design and layout to manufacturing, is monitored and managed by highly qualified professionals. PCB Quotes will streamline your printed circuit board ordering process and provide you quick turn, high quality printed circuit boards at low costs.

When you work with PCB Quotes, you are getting high quality PCB fabrication and assembly at affordable prices.

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Fast Printed Circuit Board Quote :

The fast printed circuit board quote form is the easiest way to submit a quote request if you have any schematics, artwork, CAD files, fab drawings or gerber files. We make the PCB buying process as easy as possible for both the technical and non-technical professionals that are responsible for your company's purchasing decisions.

Upload Fab Drawings or Gerber Files

Please upload your fab drawings or gerbers so that our staff can deliver a quote quickly and accurately. Gerber files are generated from PCB CAD systems and sent to printed circuit board manufacturers as a basis for the manufacturing process. If you do not have a file to upload,please use our Standard Printed Circuit Board Quote Form.

At PCB Quotes we recognize that privacy is of utmost importance. We do not sell or rent any individual personal information to any third party.

Additional Information Suggested For Quoting

If you know any of the specifications below that may not be included in your file, please add it into the additional information form. This will help us give you an accurate quote

Layers - The plains of copper connected by the plated through holes. On board text such as company name, logo, or part number that is correct reading on the top layer will insure the layers are placed correctly All orders placed as "1 layer" will be treated as single sided and the hole barrels will be non-plated.

Board Material -

FR4 - Glass laminates are widely used for subtractive Printed Circuit Board fabrication because of their ability to meet a wide variety of processing conditions. Thermally stable copper-clad epoxy-glass laminates offer high mechanical strength and machinability and outstanding electrical characteristics. Designed for single and double-sided boards, they provide a combination of processing flexibility and finished board performance needed for many SMT applications. HiTg FR4 - A high Tg is very important for the PCBs to guard against barrel cracking and pad fracture during the soldering process. CEM-1 - Composite Epoxy Material is very similar to FR4. Instead of woven glass fabric a "flies" type is used. CEM-1 is a paper-based laminate with one layer of woven glass fabric. It is not suitable for Plated Through Hole. CEM-1 can only be used for single-layer printed circuit boards. Polyimide - This material uses special resins that provide improvement in mechanical properties. The material is especially good for high frequency performance.

Board Thickness - Standard base thickness is 0.062".

Finished Copper - This is how much copper your board will have on its surface. It is the copper foil thickness, plus plated copper, minus surface preparation. It is given in oz / per sq foot. 1 oz = a minimum of 0.0012"- 0.0014" thickness. We offer finished copper of 1oz. up to 4oz. If you need a different finished copper amount, please note your needs in the additional comments section of the request.

Solder Mask - This is typically green but we also offer blue, red, and black. We also call it LPI, Liquid Photo-Imagable solder mask, which is the type we use. It keeps the traces from shorting together when the soldering is done. When no soldermask is requested, we coat the areas of the board not covered with optional solder mask with solder. This is a mix of Tin and Lead.

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